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Sunday June 17, 2018

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We're often asked... "When is the best time to go fishing?" The simple answer to this question is an emphatic NOW!  Every season brings it's own unique fishing excitement and challenges, our job is to customize each trip specifically for you. We fish the Inshore Saltwater Lagoons all year around but often change locations as each season ebbs and flows from the Indian River Lagoon & Banana River Lagoon to the Mosquito Lagoon and Sebastian Inlet. During the summer months we concentrate on the offshore and nearshore fishing off Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach as the water temperatures in the lagoon rise and the Atlantic Ocean is seasonally calm. Our summertime anglers seem to like this and it's worked for years. However most of our long time clients simply want to have a good day of fishing and ask us to take them where the fish are biting during that time.

How Many Hours will we Stay on the Water?

One of my anglers had such a great time on the water during his "Full Day" fishing charter when we rolled up to the dock at the end of the day he simply said." Hey! Wait a minute! A full day is 24 hours right? Let's continue this trip on until tomorrow morning!"  Of course he was joking, but it did make me think about people's perception of how long a fishing trip should be. Below is a brief explanation of our typical fishing charter time periods.

Full Day - 8 hours (Perfect for the hardcore anglers but can be challenging for family and novice anglers)

Half Day - 4 hours (An awesome way to spend the morning or late afternoon for all anglers)

3/4 Day - 6 hours (Perfect for anglers who want their fishing day just right...)

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At this time you may consider calling our friendly booking agent Captain Gina and booking the trip via phone rather than booking online. Captain Gina can answer many of the questions that may not obvious on our website and could possibly assist you more readily. We strive to make our fishing charters the most enjoyable and productive experience for our customers and take pride in our repeat customers and referrals.

Our fishing charters are considered by many to be the finest fishing experience on the east coast of the United States. Our anglers range from finely tuned experts to novice and beginning fisherman. We cater to all levels of experience and assist anglers in refining their skills and angling desires. Our premier fishing Captain, Richard Bradley has spent over fifty years exploring these waters off Florida's east coast and nobody knows the lay of the land better than his native knownledge.

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